Shipping Methods

At ZineGlob, we do our best to serveour clients and make them happy in all the process from making orders till receiving and using our products.

Shipping is a crucial step in trading and export. For this reason we have three methods:

1-  FedEx or UPS Priority Door to door Delivery: Any Quantity – 3 to 4 days

2- Air Cargo to the nearest airport Delivery: MOQ 100 Kg – 4 to 5 days

( Air France – Air royal Maroc – American Air line aircargo – Delta Aircargo…)

3- Ocean Freight Delivery: MOQ 1000 kg – 21 to 30 days

( cgm cma   – maersk sealand…)

*All the Timetransit delays depends on the destination ports/airports.


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Transport Company Logos :


The choice  and Cost is therefore based on the following criteria :

  • Weight
  • Volume 
  • Type of products
  • Country delivery
  • Transit Time to arrived


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